Wedding Photography

We offer a complete wedding photography service that begins with an initial consultation to identify your requirements. Following the wedding we will create a password protected Internet Gallery , from which you are invited to pick your favourite photographs. If you provide the password to your family and friends, they too will have the opportunity to see the photographs of your wedding day!

Commercial photography

Steven Parry Donald Photography at 246 Dalry Road, is Edinburgh’s most established photographic studio. We are located in the city centre, 5 minutes from Haymarket Station. The opening hours are 10am until 4.00pm Weekdays, Closed Tuesday and 10.00am until 1pm on Saturdays.

Technical photographs

Having been in the photographic industry for many years, we have built-up a considerable portfolio of commercial photography, from corporate events to legal photographs and sports photography.

At Steven Parry Donald Photography, we can take a range of clinical and legal photographs.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, your solicitor will probably advise you to have images of those injuries.

We have significant experience in this area and are understanding of the trauma you may have experienced. Your comfort is our priority and we will strive to make you feel comfortable.

For all your corporate photography needs


Group Photography

We also have expertise in large group photography. Every year we shoot group photographs, sometimes in excess of 200 individuals. This requires a very specific skill set and we would be happy to discuss your event with you.

Corporate PR photography

We have taken photographs of many corporate events and PR stunts for companies across the UK.

Such events include the launch of a new car, the grand opening of several new restaurants and the unveiling of a statue!

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